Josh Marshall breaks down the Kushner excuses

Naive? Nope. Fear of Obama snooping? Please. Syria? Come on.

There’s simply no innocent explanation for that. Not naivete, no fear of Obama snooping, not plausible deniability. The only explanation for that level of secrecy and security, that level of collaboration with an adversary foreign power is that they were doing something wrong, something that had to stay secret. What it was I don’t know. It wasn’t innocent.

via Sorry. On Kushner, There’s No Innocent Explanation – Talking Points Memo


An adviser to a Republican being recruited for a marquee congressional race in 2018 said the president’s behavior was concerning. “I’d be a fool if I said it wasn’t causing us at least a little heartburn,” this individual said. “I mean, seriously, when is this shit going to stop?”

via GOP fears Trump will take the Republican Party down with him