History doesn’t repeat but sometimes it rhymes.


In private discussions with his attorney general, John Mitchell, Nixon said that Hoover “should get the hell out of there.” But at a later meeting with Mitchell, recorded on the White House taping system, Nixon hedged for fear that Hoover might have dirt on him: “We may have on our hands here a man who will pull down the temple with him, including me,” the president said.

Source: Tuesday night firing of Comey: ‘Nixonian’ or uniquely Trumpian?

Yates slaps Ted Cruz like the bitch he is.

Is there a bigger weasel in the United States Senate than Ted Cruz?

Weasel: Are you familiar with 8 U.S.C. Section 1182?

Yates: Not off the top of my head, no.

Weasel: Well, it is the binding statutory authority for the executive order that you refused to implement and that led to your termination so it certainly is a relevant and not terribly obscure statute.

Would you agree that that is broad statutory authorization?

Yates: I would, and I am familiar with that and I’m also familiar with an additional provision of the INA that says, ‘No person shall receive preference or be discriminated against in issuance of a VISA because of race, nationality or place of birth’,

That, I believe, was promulgated after the statute that you just quoted. And that’s been part of the discussion with the court with respect to the INA, is whether this more specific statute trumps the first one that you just described.

Lloyd Cole: Gen-X prophet

I loved it for the jangly guitars and the Eve Marie Saint references. Who knew Lloyd Cole was such a seer.

It took a lost weekend in a hotel in amsterdam
And double pneumonia in a single room
And the sickest joke was the price of the medicine
Are you laughing at me now may I please laugh along with you

Not sure of the last time I looked forward to a CBO score so much.

TPM: Why They’re So Scared About Mike Flynn

Spooky take from Josh Marshall:

As I argued back in March, sometimes you cover up not because you know you’re guilty but because you actually don’t know whether you are or not.

Think about it. Trump was flying solo with Flynn for pretty much the entire campaign. If you were them, you’d be worried too.

via Talking Points Memo http://ift.tt/2pnUkRP